1. What is CETA?
  2. How Do I Join CETA?
  3. Why Should I Join CETA?
  4. How Is the Spec Guide Offered?
  5. How Do I contact CETA?
  6. How Do I Become More Involved in CETA?

    What is CETA?

    CETA, or the Controlled Environment Testing Association, is a non-profit trade association devoted to promoting and developing quality assurance within the controlled environment testing industry.

    To become a member of CETA you can apply online . There are two levels of membership to choose from:
    Affiliate: Any person employed by a government agency or university who has an interest of involvement with the certification of controlled environments. These members may have in-house certification programs, but may not offer such services outside of their organization.
    Annual Membership Fee: $125.00
    Standard: Any person involved with the testing and certification of controlled environments.
    Annual Membership Fee: $245.00

    Becoming a member of CETA not only offers scholarly publications, access to the annual meeting, and a network of other professionals, it is an opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the controlled environment field. CETA members also gain exposure on the online association membership directory. For more details visit our Join CETA page.

    How Often Is the Spec Guide Produced?The Spec Guide is available as an Ipad,Ipod, Android application.  We also offer a web version for computer users.

    CETA's heaquarters is located at 230 Washington Avenue Ext., Suite 101, Albany, NY 12203. You may also call our office at (919) 792-6339 or email us at [email protected]

    CETA is always looking for productive, energetic committee members. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact the CETA office at [email protected]