About CETA

The Controlled Environment Testing Association – Promoting Quality

The Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA) was established in 1992 to promote quality assurance in the controlled environment industry. The formation of CETA was derived from a need to collect data, network, bring a higher level of integrity to the industry, and improve testing quality. Additionally, the founders sought to aid in the understanding and practical application of the complex standards and guidelines to which we test by educating industry professionals and working with government and regulatory agencies on controlled environment and contamination control issues.

Today, CETA continues to operate based on these founding goals. Through conferences, educational series, and the Performance Review, the semi-annual journal, members exchange and disseminate information on testing and certification issues.

CETA has evolved into an organization dedicated to providing best practices for certification professionals through the creation of CETA Application Guides (CAGs), which are globally referenced by other organizations throughout the industry. To further assure quality services to those who work in or around controlled environments, CETA launched the CETA National Board of Testing (CNBT). Since 2012 CNBT has created accreditations for Sterile Compounding Facility (RCP-SCF), Fume Hood (RCP-FH), and Cleanroom (RCP-CT) performance verification. Currently there are over 200 SCF accredited individuals with more individuals and RCP programs to come.

Headquartered in Albany, NY as a non-profit organization, CETA is dedicated to creating an industry of highly qualified, knowledgeable certification professionals to service healthcare, life science, and industry.