CETA Applications Guides 

The CAGs have proven to be an immeasurably valuable tool to a wide variety of professionals in our industry, such as safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, and quality personnel. Their primary purpose is to apply our combined knowledge of applicable guidelines and standards to the work we do and bring the user to the forefront of the industry. The CAGs have also been used for training and to better understand a standard or guideline. In addition, CETA application guide(s) have been referred to in USP General Chapter <797>, and are used to help train, guide, and educate technicians and professionals across our industry.

As of January 2012, CETA application guides are available to CETA members as a free download. Join CETA to be able to access the below documents in their entirety. ($295 for a CETA Membership). 

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  • CAG-000 Application Guide Creation Flowchart (Revised 2019)
  • CAG 001 - CETA Applications Guide for the use of Compounding Aseptic Isolators in Compounding Sterile Preparations in Healthcare facilities (Revised 2008)
  • CAG 002 - CETA Compounding Isolator Testing Guide (Revised 2008)
  • NEW! CAG 003 - CETA Certification Guide for Sterile Compounding Facilities for USP Compliance (Revised 2022)
  • CAG 004 - Biological Decontamination and Disinfection of Accessible Surfaces in Biosafety Cabinets (Revised 2020)
  • CAG 005 - Servicing Hazardous Drug Compounding Primary Engineering Controls (Revised 2007)
  • NEW! CAG 006 - Procurement, Utilization, and Disposal of HEPA and ULPA Filters (Revised 2023)
  • CAG 007 - Exhaust System Requirements of Class II Biosafety Cabinets (Revised 2020)
  • CAG 008 - Certification Matrix for Sterile & Nonsterile USP Compounding Facilities (Revised 2022)
  • CAG 009 - Viable Environmental Monitoring for Sterile Compounding Facilities (Revised 2020)
  • CAG 010 - CETA Application Guide for Informational Notes to Meet the NSF/ANSI 49:2010a Standard Requirements (Revised 2011)
  • CAG 011 - Gloved Fingertip Testing for Sterile Compounding Personnel (New 2021)
  • CAG 013 – Media Fill Testing for Sterile Compounding Personnel (New 2021)
  • CAG 014 – Airflow Visualization Study (New 2022)