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CETA membership benefits anyone who works with controlled environments as well as many other professionals in the controlled environments and health industries. This includes certifiers, safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, quality personnel, and many more.

In addition, industry professionals working with equipment such as clean rooms, laminar flow devices, chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, isolation rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, and all other forms of controlled environments, find a reliable source of information and new perspectives from fellow CETA members.


  • CETA Application Guides: These Guides have proven to be an immeasurably valuable tool to a wide variety of professionals in our industry, such as safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, and quality personnel.
  • Performance Review: The peer-reviewed bi-annual publication provides valuable articles, studies, solutions, and expert tips.
  • Annual Conference: The Annual Conference highlights current issues that affect the controlled environment industry. With educational series, influential and informed speakers, informative discussion sessions, hands on training, vendor booths, and networking opportunities, participation in the Annual Conference has become a must for those in the field.

In order for a CETA/CNBT credentialed individual to be listed in the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory, the individual must be a CETA member “in good standing”. By definition, a member “in good standing” must be a current member of CETA with all annual dues currently paid.

Annual dues are based on the calendar year, which runs from January through December.  To remain in the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory, annual dues for each subsequent year must be paid by December 31 of the current year. Each member will receive a renewal email with an invoice reminding them to renew. Failure to pay membership dues by January 1 will result in removal from the active member category and the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory. Individuals who chose not to remain CETA members, do not lose their credentials. The credentials will remain in place for the entire five (5) year period regardless of CETA Membership status. Dues can be paid at any point to regain active status and be reinstated on the list.

Membership is $295 and the membership cycle runs from January 1 to December 31. The grace period begins on December 1 - if you join CETA between December 1 and December 31, your membership will be active through the following calendar year. 

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