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About CETA

CETA membership benefits anyone who works with controlled environments as well as many other professionals in the controlled environments and health industries. This includes certifiers, safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, quality control personnel and many more.

In addition, industry professionals working with equipment such as clean rooms, laminar flow devices, chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, isolation rooms, laboratories, pharmacies and all other forms of controlled environments, find a reliable source of information and new perspectives from fellow CETA members.

One of the main vehicles for this information exchange is our CETA Application Guides and our Performance Review. The CETA Application Guides have proven to be an immeasurably valuable tool to a wide variety of professionals in our industry. They have been used by many safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers and quality control personnel for everything from training, to helping understand a standard or guideline better, as well as their primary purpose which is to educate and apply the forefront of our combined knowledge pertaining to the applicable guidelines and standards we work with today. CETA application guide(s) have been referred to in USP 797, and are used to help train, guide and educate technicians and professionals across our industry. The bi-annual peer-reviewed journal for CETA offers articles and papers from professionals across our industry on a wide variety of subjects—from technical innovations and updates, suggestions for improving your business, proper documentation practices, to crucial guidelines and standards revision updates as well as a summary of our highly anticipated CETA Annual Conference. The CETA application guide and Performance Review have become essential tools in the controlled environment industry. Becoming a member of CETA not only offers scholarly publications, access to the annual meeting, and a network of other professionals, it is an opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the controlled environment field.

CETA'S Goals & Objectives

  • CETA was founded on the principle of quality and that remains its hallmark for the future. In listing its goals and objectives, CETA strives to create a pledge among its members to help foster these goals within the industry.

    • Promote quality assurance through the review of existing standards and the development of new methodologies
    • Work with government and regulatory agencies on issues affecting the controlled environment and contamination control industries
    • Foster the effective transfer of industry technology and information through an annual meeting and journal.
    • Provide continuing education by publishing technical journals, papers, and other publications
    • Develop professional relationships with allied associations
    • Promote environmental safety and occupational health