Sterile Compounding Facilities (SCF) Exam

The Registered Certification Professional – Sterile Compounding Facilities (RCP-SCF) credentialing program will ensure that the certificate holders possess the fundamental knowledge required to certify sterile compounding facilities per industry guidelines.

Both multiple choice and written practical examinations for the RCP-SCF credential will be administered multiple times a year. The examination will test the certifier's competency in sterile compounding facility certification for compliance to applicable standards and guidelines, such as USP <797> and USP <800>.

Exam Content:

The following chart provides the proportional makeup of the multiple choice and written practical exam that will be used for the CNBT's Registered Certification Professional for Sterile Compound Facilities Examination.

Knowledge Domain Written Practical Multiple Choice
Performing Site Assessment 6% 12%
Counting Total Particles  11% 14%
Performing Environmental Monitoring 13% 16%
Determining Air Change Rate 16% 13%
Testing Airflow Velocity 11% 9%
Proving Room Segregation 10% 9%
Testing HEPA Air Filters 12% 9%
Preparing Airflow Visualization 14% 9%
Preparing Certification Reports 8% 9%


Reference Materials:

Exam Pricing:

CETA Member Pricing

  • $1495  SCF Dual Exams                        
  • $  750   SCF Multiple Choice re-test only                    
  • $  750   SCF Written Practical re-test only  
  • $1250  SCF Re-Certification  (if you meet Section 4.1.1 of the CNBT Policy)
  • $1495  SCF Re-Certification  (if you meet either Sections 4.1.3 and 4.4 of the CNBT Policy)  

Non-CETA Member Pricing

  • $1995   SCF Dual Exams                       
  • $1000   SCF Multiple Choice re-test only    
  • $1000   SCF Written Practical re-test only
  • $1995   SCF Dual Exams Re-Certification  

Exam Dates:

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Exam Application:

To register for Sterile Compounding Facilities (USP <797>) exams online, please click here.  

*Please ensure you review the CNBT Policy before submitting your application.

SCF Examination Subject Matter Experts:

  • Cary Binder: NSF International
  • David Brande: Cleanroom Project Management
  • Kimberly Coughlin: Clinical IQ, LLC
  • Tony Caughron: TEC Services
  • Wayne Copeland: CEPA Company
  • Marc DuBois: Advanced Testing and Certification
  • Kym Faylor: Azzur Labs, Inc.
  • Nick Karlowsky: Filtech, Inc.
  • Erin Thane: Azzur Labs, Inc.
  • Chandler Papas: Pentagon Technologies 
  • Charlie Pellegrini: Pentagon Technologies 
  • Jeff Serle: Germfree Laboratories
  • Chris Sperlein: TEC Services
  • Todd Urton: Quality Cleanroom Consulting