CETA National Board of Testing (CNBT)


The Controlled Environment Testing Association’s National Board of Testing (CNBT) is a credentialing program for professionals who certify controlled environment facilities.  For years the profession requested CETA to develop a credentialing program for professionals working in our field of certification, specifically a credential that would be an objective representation of an individual's fundamental knowledge and skills in the area of testing controlled environments.

In order for a CETA/CNBT credentialed individual to be listed in the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory, the individual must be a CETA member “in good standing”. By definition, a member “in good standing” must be a current member of CETA with all annual dues currently paid.

Annual dues are based on the calendar year, which runs from January through December.  To remain in the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory, annual dues for each subsequent year must be paid by December 31 of the current year. Each member will receive a renewal email with an invoice reminding them to renew. Failure to pay membership dues by January 1 will result in removal from the active member category and the CETA/CNBT Credentialed Professional Directory. Individuals who chose not to remain CETA members, do not lose their credentials. The credentials will remain in place for the entire five (5) year period regardless of CETA Membership status. Dues can be paid at any point to regain active status and be reinstated on the list.

CNBT Exams: