CETA Applications Guides


As of January 2012, CETA application guides are available to CETA members as a free download.

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  • CAG-000 Application Guide Creation Flowchart (Revised 2019)
  • CAG-001-2005 Applications Guide For The Use Of Compounding Isolators In Compounding Sterile Preparations In Healthcare Facilities (Revised December 2008)
  • CAG-002-2006 Compounding Isolator Testing Guide (Revised December 2008)
  • CAG-003-2006 Sterile Compounding Facilities (Revised May 2015)
  • CAG-004 Biological Decontamination and Disinfection of Accessible Surfaces in Biosafety Cabinets (Revised 2020)
  • CAG-005-2007 Servicing Hazardous Drug Compounding Primary Engineering Controls
  • CAG-006-2010 CETA High Efficiency Filter Application Guide
  • CAG-007 Exhaust System Requirements of Class II Biosafety Cabinets (Revised 2020)
  • CAG-008 Certification Matrix for Sterile Compounding Facilities (Revised 2022)
  • CAG-009 Viable Environmental Monitoring for Sterile Compounding Facilities (Revised 2020)
  • CAG-010-2011 Application Guide for Informational Notes to Meeting the NSF/ANSI 49:2010a Standard Requirements
  • CAG-011 Gloved Fingertip Testing for Sterile Compounding Personnel (New 2021)
  • CAG-014 Airflow Visualization Study (Revised 2022)