USP Announcements - 10.17.22

On October 11, 2022, USP announced that the revisions to General Chapters <795> and <797> will be published in the USP-NF and USP Compounding Compendium on November 1, 2022.

What does this mean for your organization?

  1. If you didn't get an email about this, you NEED to sign up for USP's Healthcare Quality & Safety emails.
  2. We know we are getting the chapter on November 1st, but we don't know how long the implementation period will be. Typically, it's 6 months. It could be longer. Plan work practice, SOP, and training changes accordingly.
  3. The announcement said the chapter will be released in the compendium. It did not mention a free downloadable version, as was provided when the 2019 version was released. If there is no free version, you will need to subscribe to either the full USP-NF or the USP Compounding Compendium.
  4. There will be changes to what we saw in the 2021 version. Make sure someone, if not multiple people, read the WHOLE chapter when it is released. Assume nothing. And keep an eye out for small changes that could totally change a requirement.
  5. Embrace the changes. These have been a long time coming and are only meant to better patient care. Be sure to share the whys behind the changes with staff.