Exam Applications

2019 Administration

To register for SCF exams online, please click here.  

*Please ensure you review the Sterile Compounding Facilities Policy before submitting your application.

To register for Fume Hood exams online, please click here.  

*Please ensure you review the Fume Hood Policy before submitting your application.

Cancellation Form for SCF and Fume Hood exams. 


Requesting a Locally CNBT Administered Exam:

For those companies that are unable to send their employees to the designated CNBT proctored exams, you may request a local administration, pending the availability of a CNBT proctor.  CNBT will arrange to send a CNBT authorized proctor to your local area to administer either the Multiple Choice or Written Practical or both exams.   The fee for the exams will remain the same, but the organization filing the request will also be required to pay for the customary expenses incurred as a result of the administration.  Customary expenses will include as a minimum: airfare, hotel, local transportation, meals and the CNBT proctor fee.  Of course, the earlier a request is made the lower these costs may be. 

Please complete this form and send to David Brande at [email protected]  to make a reservation.