2024 Board of Directors Election

On behalf of the CETA Nominating Committee, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to those that submitted nominations for the two open positions in the certifier category that are open to the membership for a Director position. The nomination period has now closed.

The voting period is now open and will remain open until Monday, April 22nd at 10:00 AM. Results will be announced during the business meeting at CETA's Annual Meeting on Monday, April 22, 2024. Please review the ballot below.

Anthony Bandorf, Air-Eze Scientific Services

“Anthony “AJ” Bandorf is a Certification Professional with Air-Eze Scientific Services out of  Hollywood, Florida. Anthony has been with CETA since 2017 and has been testing airflow for over 15 years. His experience includes over 8 years as a Certifier and 7 years of experience as a HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing technician. Anthony holds accreditations with CETA/CNBT, NSF and NEBB. Anthony has two young children (Addison and Charlotte) with his loving wife (Jordan) of 9 years. When not immersed in Certification Services, Anthony’s hobbies include Golf and Rock Climbing.”


Jeremy Mahurin, ASAP Controlled Air Testing

Jeremy has been a member of CETA for over 10 years and in this time, he has attended conferences continuously since 2011, taught in multiple CETA Series and is the current Co-Chair for the 2024 CETA Series at Reno.  Jeremy has volunteered for several CETA Committees and was Co-Chair for CAG-009, CAG-011, CAG-013 and is a current committee member for CAG-012.  Additionally, he has assisted in multiple CNBT question review sessions.  Since starting in the Controlled Environment Testing industry, he has been enthralled in all aspects of pharmacy compliance testing and have developed personnel compliance testing and training for pharmacies and their staff.  Throughout his time in the testing industry, he has been involved with creating, developing and implementing pharmacy testing reports and programs for multiple companies.  He started his own company over 5 years ago, so that he can focus on spending more time with his family, golfing and pursuing additional opportunities professionally that he is passionate about, such as personnel compliance testing and education for pharmacists and their staff about USP cleanroom compliance.

Dan Takata, Scientific Safety Alliance

Dan is a Senior Service Manager with Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA). He has tested and certified cleanrooms since 2006 in Southern California, and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2017. Dan is a CETA Registered Certification Professional for Sterile Compounding Facilities, and NEBB Certified Professional for Cleanroom Performance Testing. Dan likes a good carne asada burrito, and long walks on the beach. 



Daniel Velasquez, Mechanical Testing, Inc.

After a tour in the United States Coast Guard, Dan began his career in 1994 first as a sheet metal Fabricator & Installer for a mechanical contractor that specialized in Cleanroom HVAC. Dan joined the company’s Test, Adjust, & Balance team in 1997. Dan began his training in both HVAC systems balancing and Cleanroom Performance Testing through the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

In 2004, Dan joined a larger mechanical contractor in their TAB department. In 2007, Dan became certified as a NEBB Test & Balance Certified Professional. During his time there, his firm did several cleanroom, pharmacy, and laboratory projects where a certification firm would be brought  in to finish the projects. In 2006, Dan and others created their company’s Certification department. First order of business was to obtain his NSF-49  Accreditation which he did in 2008. Through trying to obtain his CPT Certification in 2008, it seemed like another organization would be needed. In 2009, Dan attended his first CETA Conference in Myrtle Beach and has attended them every year since then. Dan was part of the first group to take the written RCCP exam and completed the practical the following year.

In 2022, Dan joined his current firm as Vice President of Cleanroom Services where he is responsible for developing the department, acquiring & training new certification personnel, and growing new relationships with customers in key market  areas. Since coming on board, the department has seen exponential growth and has made his firm a strategic partner with numerous healthcare, clean manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and laboratory customers.

Through his membership in CETA over the years, Dan has served on the most recent CAG-003 committee, chaired the last CAG-008 committee, and is currently chairing the CAG-005 committee. Over the course of 27 years in the certification field Dan only thought it right to help pass along everything he has learned and help direct the industry to make sure they choose CETA as a professional resource. The next step is to serve as a member of the CETA Board of Directors. Dan would love everyone’s support in this election so he can continue to keep CETA the industry leading organization it is.

Mark Zahner, Medical Technology Associates

Mark Zahner is an accomplished certifier with more than 23 years of experience in the controlled environment business.  Mark served in the United States Navy and graduated from Wichita State with a degree in Chemistry/Business.  He has been CNBT accredited for approx 13 years and NSF accredited for more than 20.   He has played a major role in the growth of his current employer, Medical Technology Associates. He prides himself for his ingenuity in problem-solving, demonstrating an aptitude for adapting to challenging situations. He is currently leading his team as technical manager at MTA and working to integrate various parts of the business to improve efficiency, quality, and operations.


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Voting is only available to active CETA members. If you should have any questions, or need to renew your membership, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ali Bullis, CETA Executive Director, at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of the profession and our organization!