The CETA Nominating Committee is currently developing the slate of candidates for election at our 2024 Annual Meeting. Two CERTIFIER positions are open to the membership for Director.

Nominations Guidelines:  Nominations must be submitted online by Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024. If you are currently a member in good standing and would like to nominate yourself or another for Director, please submit nominee information HERE. Only active CETA members will be considered.  

Requirements:  Directors are required to attend regular quarterly board meetings and any additional meetings that the board may decide are necessary. If elected at the 2024 Annual Conference, Directors are required to stay for the post-conference Board meeting on Tuesday April 23rd from 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM.

Additional expectations for Directors are:

  • Submit at least one article per year for the Performance Review
  • Assist as required during Annual Conference
  • Participate in the development and review of documents and policies. The nominated candidate must be qualified in accordance with the following bylaws:
    • CETA Bylaws, Article VI, Section 4, (c): Nominations for director positions may be made by any individual CETA member. Such nomination must be in writing, seconded by at least five (5) other CETA members, and submitted to the Executive Director at least forty-five (45) days prior to the annual meeting of the membership.
    • Board Member Travel Expense Policy:  All board members are responsible for a portion of travel costs to attend the board meetings. CETA will cover up to two nights hotel and 2 days M&IE per diem at the annual conference to attend the pre and post CETA BOD meetings, all other conference travel expenses are the responsibility of the board member. Other Board meeting travel will be fully reimbursed in accordance with CETA’s travel reimbursement policy.  


Click here to fill out the Nomination Form for 2024